Bug Bite in Africa

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There are all kinds of bugs that can bite you in Africa, but the biggest of all is the safari bug and I’ve been bitten big time! The symptoms are:

  • you long for the night “music” of hippos grunting, baboons barking, lions calling soulfully to anyone that will listen
  • you always refer to cocktails as sundowners
  • when shopping you gravitate to “safari” colours – beige, green and brown (even if you hate beige, green and brown)
  • you make a list of all the valuable possessions you can sell to fund your next safari
  • your friends and family roll their eyes as you start every sentence with “In Africa…”
  • you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning thinking only of safari

It’s an itch begging to be scratched. I’ve been on 2 safaris, my sister in law Suzanne has been on 14. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Not sure I have enough possessions, but we’ll see.

The first thing you need to know about Africa is IT’S FAR. Really far. If you fly from NY to Johannesburg, SA, it’s 16-29 hours then 1.5 hours to Maun if you’re going to Botswana. Then a puddle jumper to your camp which is usually around 30 min – 1 hour.  But even before the small Cessna touches down on the dirt runway, you’ve already seen elephants from the sky!  You are met by your guide and before he drives you to camp he asks if you’d like to see some lions first. Umm.. yes please. Within minutes, you are 15 feet from 8 lions sleeping in the mid day sun and you have forgotten that you have been travelling for almost 2 days and didn’t sleep a wink on the plane. All that matters is that you are in Africa. On safari.


The $500. Cherry

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The culprit

The culprit

I admit it, I like to live life on the edge. Just a little dangerously.

Let me clarify this for you – sometimes I don’t wash my produce before I eat it! I can hear your shock. I know – I’m playing a dangerous game here. There are days that lettuce goes straight into my salad bowl without the benefit of being soaked in water and plump juicy raspberries get placed gently over my cereal right out of the box.

But there’s something about cherries that screams “Wash Me”! Maybe it’s the vision playing in my head of hundreds of grubby hands touching every single cherry in the display to find just that perfect one. Whatever the reason, I  had to wash the cherries.

Picture ripe, juicy, cold, just washed cherries.With the bowl in my hand, I have this overwhelming need to check Facebook on my laptop – which was coincidently on my lap. Now envision this like it’s a movie playing in slow motion – I take a cherry – a nice ripe, juicy, cold, wet one and put it to my mouth and oops! there falls a teeny tiny drop of water onto the trackpad of my computer. I absently wipe it away and think nothing of it. Until my cursor begins a life of its own on the screen. Windows open and close, pictures jump from one corner to the other and I’m trying not to panic. OMG. I have lost complete control of my cursor/computer.

The next morning I literally ran to the Apple store (fortunately it’s only a few blocks away) and begged them to please fix my laptop. Great news – $100. to replace the trackpad. Terrific – do it. Within ten minutes of my arrival at home, I get a call saying that they made a mistake – because it’s a retina display they must replace the entire bottom part of my computer. Seriously Apple Genious? You couldn’t tell it was a retina display when I brought it to you? So – the bad news – $500. to fix it. Can you hear me crying?

So that’s how one cherry came to cost me $500.

Moral of the story – keep your ripe, juicy, cold, just washed cherries away from the computer. Or live dangerously and don’t wash your cherries. Whatever.